Top 10 Soups In Nigeria

1)  Nigerian pepper soup is ‘ chicken soup to the rest of the world’  – the one ‘soup’ people long for when its blistering cold outside, the same one others lap up at parties and celebrations of every sort. It is also your one-stop soup for all ails – when you’re down with the flu, when you’ve just had a baby, when you’re recovering from Malaria, and the list goes on and on. And though it is called pepper soup, peppers are not its only component, far from it….and it doesn’t even have to be fiery at all. I guess its the spice from the other ingredients that lend it the name.

2) Achi Soup : Achi leaf  is a thickener used in variety of Nigerian soups. In Yoruba, it is known as Eku or Akalado, the Edos call it Dewen and Ijaws call it Apaupan or Akpakpa. Grown mainly in Central and South – eastern region of the country,Achi not only adds its own unique flavour to soups, it also contains protein, carbohydrates and some fat. There’s nothing as delightful as Achi cooked with Uziza leaves
3)   Efo Riro is a hearty vegetable stew. This dish is a Yoruba delicacy from Western Nigeria, made from vegetables and the meat of your preference. The stew usually includes a mix of meats including offal and chicken. Most often pumpkin leaves or water leaves are used in the stew, but some people jazz it up with frozen spinach.

4) The soup uses local Afang leaves and water leaves together with dried fish, meat and snails for seasoning. Though, it originated in South-Eastern Nigeria Afang soup is now enjoyed across state borders in the country and also in Diaspora. The meal takes about an hour to prepare, and is often served with fufu and Garri.

5) Pounded yam soup (Afia Efere) is one of the most popular varieties of the fufu dishes that accompany many of Nigeria’s delicious soups and stews. It can either be made by mixing yam powder and hot water or pounding raw yams and . Making the dish from scratch is difficult, but by all accounts the difference in taste makes it worthwhile to make the effort.It can be recalled that Nigerian-British actor, John Boyega recently took veteran actor, Harrison Ford to enjoy a plate of Pounded Yam and Egusi at a restaurant in Peckham, United Kingdom.

6) The Nigerian Edikang Ikong soup or simply Vegetable Soup is native to the Efiks, people from Akwa Ibom and Cross River states of Nigeria. It is a general notion that the Edikang Ikong soup is very nutritious and this is very much so. Prepared with a generous quantity of pumpkin leaves and water leaves, this Nigerian soup recipe is nourishing in every sense of the word.

7) Banga Soup(Ofe Akwu) is well-known in the Southern part of Nigeria. They soup can be taken with Starch and it is a very delicious Nigerian food. It is made from palm fruit and very tasty.

8) Oha soup is one of the mouth-watering delicacy and is mostly eaten by people from the Eastern part of Nigeria, the Igbo tribes. It is prepared specially with the Oha leaves.

9) Miyan Kuka also known as Luru soup is a type of Nigerian cuisine from the northern part of Nigeria.The soup is made from powdered baobab leaves and dried okra. It is usually served with tuwo shinkafa or dawa also known as luru soup is a type of Nigerian cuisine from the northern part of Nigeria.The soup is made from powdered baobab leaves and dried okra. It is usually served with tuwo shinkafa or dawa.

10) Atama soup is an Efik delicacy, which is very delicious especially when served hot. This rich Efik cuisine is very nutritious and belly-warming. The recipe is very simple and easy to follow. Many housewives use it to win back their husband’s heart after a serious quarrel.

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