10. Dry
Starring: Stephanie Okereke, Liz Benson, Darwin Shaw, Olu Jacobs, William McNamara,
Release Year: 2015
Production House: Next Page Productions
Director: Stephanie Okereke
Genre: Drama
Budget: N/A
NOTES: Left to me, I really don’t like this film…. I just feel it’s bullsh!tting! Nollywood doesn’t need this narrative! We’ve seen loads of it in Hollywood. The constant mention of “Africa” (instead of just mentioning a specific village in Northern Nigeria) just makes everything even worse – to the point of irritation. It is obviously a film meant to patronize. A wannabe Hollywood film. I don’t like it! But maybe you can check it out and make your judgements. It is a very nice film, if only the propaganda and preachiness were not there

9. The Department
Starring: Majid Michel, OC Ukeje, Osas Ighodaro, Somekele Iyamah, Jide kosoko, Desmond Elliot, Seun Akindele
Release Year: 2015
Production House: Closer Pictures, Inkblot Productions
Director: Remi Vaughn-Richards
Genre: Romance, Action
Budget: N/A
NOTES: Nice and different storyline, quality acting from Majid and OC. It is nice to see Osas on the big screen for the first time. However, I feel the movie could’ve been better executed; it dragged at some point, and plot holes existed. Generally, an enjoyable watch.

8. Iyore
Starring: Dianna Yekinni, Dakore Akande, Omoni Oboli and several child actors
Release Year: 2015
Production House: PHB Films, FilmOne
Director: Seyi Babatope
Genre: Family, Comedy
Budget: N15 million
NOTES: This is a very enjoyable family film. It has sh!tload of plotholes and unbelievable moments. But It’s very very enjoyable. Quite a disappointment from me, because it is coming from the director of “When Love Happens” – A much better film. But when you close your heart to expectations, you should enjoy Lunchtime Heroes for what it is.

6. Knocking on Heaven’s Door
Starring: Blossom Chukwujekwu, Adesua Etomi, Majid Michel, Ini Edo
Release Year: 2014
Production House: Royal Arts Academy, Achievas Entertainment
Director: Desmond Elliot
Genre: Romance, Musical
Budget: N/A
NOTES: After watching Finding Mercy, I was happy at the improvement of Desmond Elliot! Watching Knocking on Heaven’s Door further buttresses the point that Desmond Elliot is now a force! This is a very very good film! BUT, the sync of the music is ….. Terrible! One of the worst I have seen in Nollywood musicals. Remove that, it is a brilliant film, with beautiful songs. Adesua is one hell of an actress. I was just watching her and smiling in this film. The girl can do anything, can’t she? Majid, as usual can’t go wrong. Blossom shows a different side to him this time, one bad ass guy! Chei kudos.

5. Fifty
Starring: Ireti Doyle, Nse Ikpe Etim, Omoni Oboli, Dakore Akande, Wale Ojo
Release Year: 2015
Production House: EbonyLife Films
Director: Biyi Bandele
Genre: Romance, Drama
Budget: N/A
NOTES: This is a film that’s doesn’t have a brilliant story, but however ticks the right boxes everywhere else. It’s a very good production, but poor characterization (or would I say wrong casting?). This movie, just like everyother Mo Abudu projects has a specific image it wants to portray, and it does it well….and I am in full support of that image!!! I wish she should be more subtle though; stop saying it that this is what you’re portraying, else it loses the organic effect and impact that it is suppose to have, Since people already know what you’re doing. Fifty was quite enjoyable film for me. In terms of directing, looks like a typical Biyi Bandele film; whatever that means to you.

4. Road To Yesterday
Starring: Genevieve Nnaji, Oris Erhuero, Majid Michel, Chigul
Release Year: 2015
Production House: The Entertainment Network (TEN)
Director: Ishaya Bako
Genre: Romance, Drama
Budget: N30 million
NOTES: This is also a film like Fifty, not too a great story, but great everywhere else. RTY doesn’t have a bad story, but it’s pretty too basic for me..I’m sorry…I can summarize the first 80 minutes of the film in 1 minute..before the twist at the end. They just dragged the damn thing on and on and on….and on….and on! “We need to talk”, “we need to talk”, biko say wetin you wan say! Okay that aside, I enjoyed Road To Yesterday. I noticed a lot of dubbed sounds and foleys in this film….God bless whoever did it! Kulanen Ikyo, is that you? Nollywood producers, please take note of how they wrote the end credit of this film. Kunle Afolayan, hope you’re hearing? Thank you! Not all of you are guilty, but alot of you are guilty of mediocre looking end credits. It’s one of the details I pay attention to. RTY also has a very decent sound mixing; the kind you see in October 1 and few other films.

3. Gbomo Gbomo Express
Starring: Ramey Nouah, Osas Ighodaro, Gbenro Ajibade, Gideon Okeke, Kiki Omeili
Release Year: 2015
Production House: WaltBang Productions
Director: Walter taylaur
Genre: Caper, Comedy, Action, Romance
NOTES: This film has a very very very nice story! I enjoyed it. Ramsey Nouah, like in The Figurine, pulled a stunt again!!! LOL….Gbomo Gbomo Express is a bit funny too. Very enjoyable watch I had. I think somewhere down the line, in the execution, something went wrong! I really can’t place my finger on what went wrong…something tells me it is due to over ambitiousness. It also dragged a bit at the beginning, and the sound was noticeably subpar. Sorry, but is Ramsey degenerating as an actor?…or his ability strongly relies on the director’s capability to direct actors properly? Just asking….He was phenomenal in The Figurine, but just there in this film…same with 30 Days in Atlanta. Warris happening brother Ramsey Nouah? This film has one of the better Gideon Okeke’s performances…Kudos and Keep improving!

2. The Visit
Starring: Nse Ikpe Etim, Femi Jacobs, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Bayray McNwizu
Release Year: 2015
Production House: Koga Studios
Director: Olufunke Fayoyin
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Budget: NA
NOTES: LMAO…I SWEAR, this was my best film of 2015!!! It was just funny! It is arguably the only film that fully engaged me for its entire duration! It ran for well over 2 hours and I didn’t notice! It was really good. Trust me, It’s not a kind of film that’d rake in awards, but it’s a film that has the audience in mind; with the right promotion, this could’ve easily been a really commercial film like 30 Days in Atlanta, but without a stupid and poor story like 30 Days in Atlanta. I’ve seen a lot of films (especially from Ghana) that they spill beans at the end part, which always crown the films sort of. In The Visit, they were just spilling and exposing themselves from the beginning till the end; I had to control my laughter in the hall. That Eugenia girl (Bayray)….smh….your life is not enviable at all. Nse Ikpe Etim; can you ever go wrong! Whether Classy or razz, you pull it off so well. My dear!!! I don’t even know what to say. You guys need to watch The Visit….it’s a film you can’t hate! No! Before I forget, the one thing that dropped the film from my number 1 was the sound. The sound of this film was….terrible! Sound mixing is not yet part of my criteria for ranking, because most New Nollywood films would fail, but this film takes us back to the days of home videos….the days that you need your remote control in your hands! You’d barely be able to hear anything at some point, then it’s loud when the music starts playing! Does that ring a bell?! The subtitle saved the day! Godbless the filmmakers for the idea…but it’d be unfair to put The Visit in number 1 with that kind of sound.

1. Taxi Driver: Oko Ashewo
Starring: Femi Jacobs, Odunlade Adekola, Grace Ijeoma Agu, Hafeez Oyetoro
Release Year: 2015
Production House: Orbit Imagery
Director: Daniel Oriahi
Genre: Comedy, Action
Budget: N/A
NOTES: Hehehehe, another amazing film!!! Ask me why I love this film, and I can’t even say…I think the reason people love this film is because it has its soul in the right places. The kinda Nigerian film I’d like to see being produced often. It’s a film that shows the Nigerian ghetto lifestyle, but without condescending to ridiculousness, like an “African film” that desperately wants an oscar. eg DRY *side eye*. Nice production quality. I like I like Taxi Driver. I just like it! Don’t ask me why! NOW TO THE DISCLAIMERS. This movie is 95% in Yoruba language! Not like I have a problem with that. BUT THE SUBTITLE IS IN PIDGIN!!!!! Like seriously? Who subtitles a movie in pidgin? You people are lucky that I understand yoruba, If it was like Onye Ozi by Obi Emelonye that tried this nonsense with me, aswear I will make sure I ask for a refund. I mean, I can barely speak the damn language (pidgin), talkless of knowing how to read it, as a subtitle at that, where it’d be taken off screen in no time. No producer should ever try this nonsense with me again pleeeeaaaase. Eje kori lope o undecided angry

looking forward to:
The C.E.O. by Kunle Afolayan (coming soon)
Surulere by Mildred Okwo (coming soon)
A soldier’s story by Frankie Ogar (Released 2015)
The First Lady by Omoni Oboli (Released 2015)
Falling by Niyi Akinmolayan (Released 2015)
If Tomorrow Never Comes by Pascal Amanfo (Released 2015)
Gone Too Far by (Released 2015)