Top 10 Internet Scams Ever

Let us face that we may be a victim of internet scam if precautions are not adapted. The use of tech-oriented devices has become common these days. There are countless people who have suffered from online scams. If you are lucky to be safe, then it is a learning lesson to be careful in life ahead. Check this list of top 10 worst internet scams ever.


10. Rogue Software

If you have ever experience a situation where you are told in a pop-up that your computer has virus and needs immediate scanning, then this is a big scam to be careful about. Various people fall for the pop-up and then download the rogue software. The use of this software is dangerous because its Trojans and worms can affect your computer’s performance.

9. Travel and Vacation Scams

There are countless travel websites. Some of them are legitimate, while others are nothing more than a scam. These scamming websites often send random emails to catch the attention of travel lovers. They take money from you, offering some great travel and vacation trips at cheapest costs.


8. Fake Auctions/Sales

With the popularity of eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon, the auction websites have flooded the internet. It’s no surprise that fake auctions and sales offers are everywhere. People get trapped by these scammers/fake websites that offer big prize money for selling their products. When you download their software or share your payment details, they affect both your computer and wallet.


7. “Free” Trial

We’ve all seen the ads and pop-ups on certain websites that promise free trials of several products. This is what attracts many of the online buyers. For example, if you are to buy weight-loss pills, a colon cleanse, or dieting pills from an unknown internet seller, they may offer you ‘Free’ Trials. Often the people do get their free products, but sharing your payment information with them next time you purchase their product is what you need to avoid.

6. Working from Home

Who wouldn’t love to work from home and earn lots of money in spare time? Let me be honest that scamming job providing companies and customers either take work from you and disappear or may harm your sensitive information like name, address, phone number and even paypal ID. Many times, you earn nothing from these scammers.

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