Top 10 Funniest Nigerian Comedians

Comedy is a blossoming business in Nigeria, and the funniest Nigerian comedians are hitting it biggest in the industry. According to rumours, Basketmouth has become a BILLIONAIRE from fooling around and making people laugh.

Who says fooling around doesnt pay, according to people the miraculous is when you do the ridiculous. Who are the funniest Nigerian comedian? Lets see how many people think this list is accurate.

Alibaba is the father of comedy. But it might surprise you to know that he is not the funniest comedian in Nigeria. It’s a matter of perspective though, but on the list of funniest comedians we’ve compiled, number one spot is the choice of the general public.

A lot of you might have guessed the person already. But still, lets see the list of the top 10 comedians in ascending order.










# 1. Basketmouth.

Yes Ohh! He’s our number one. Bright Okpocha, aka Basketmouth has been dubbed the king of comedy by Nigerians because of his expertise in captivating the audience. The eccentric comedian can crack a joke on anything at all, living, dead, animate and inanimate. His brand of joke is boundless. He does political jokes, foreign, celestial (where he talks about himself in heaven), genders (yabs boys and girls) and many many more. Being number one on the list of the funniest Nigerian comedians is not a fluke.


# 2. Bovi.

Fews words to express his awesomeness, this can cracks hundred per second. check him out.

# 3. I Go Die.

From his name you can tell the kind of person he is. I Go Die used to be 9ja’s funniest man back in the days. His jokes are absolute rib crackers and he tells lots of lies too. They is never a time I Go Die never visits US in his Jokes, and he’ll never stop telling us of his many political meetings with Buhari.

# 4. Gordons.

“Gordons is definitely one of the most hilarious Comedian in Nigeria with his self-composed jokes especially his flair for Ministry-Based jokes “movement to the permanent site” and his steady slang of often saying “Hallelujah” in between jokes.
Gordons who calls himself Comedy Barlusconi under the ODP political party (Osusu Democratic Party) is just a natural. He has released many joke compilations likewise under his Gordons Comedy Klinic Wards.”

# 5. Seyi Law.

Seyi is another character. His comedy skits are extraordinarily funny. he’s defintely one of the top 5 Nigerian comedians.

# 6. Oke Bakassi. 

This guy shares some of the most brilliant jokes on earth that are capable of educating and entertaining you at the same time. He’s one of the oldies in the comedy industry, though he centered and featured mostly in movies then. Oke Bakassi is a household name in the Nigerian entertainment industry and one of the funniest comedians in Nigeria.

# 7. Julius Agwu.

“Julius is one of the few comedians with a future to serve their state”- speculations. Julius Agwu has also carved a niche for himself in the Comedy sphere. He goes by the nickname “Julius d’ Genius” He also delves in to music with his very brand called “Reel Liaf Band” He has also notified his intentions to be the next Governor of his state after the people of Rivers “verbally told him to””.

# 8. Akpororo.

 If we were doing the list of best dancers i believe he would have gone among the first five, but also a funny person with His messmerizing  look. However, from popular opinion Akpororo has cracked many ribs and left longing smiles on the faces of many Nigerians so yes, he’s kinda fit to be on the list of the funnies Nigerian comedians.

# 9. AY.

When you talk of creativity you talk of Ayo Makun aka AY. AY is a breathing sculpture of creativity. He’s an actor, comedian and a TV presenter ( of his popular ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Show). What he lacks in oral jokes he makes up for in his creativity and video concept.

# 10. Alibaba.

His real name is Alibaba Akporobome. Popularly referred to as the father of comedy, Alibaba introduced ‘Stand Up Comedy’ in Nigeria. Unfortunately for him he’s no longer the top spot in the comedy industry. Perhaps his long stay in the industry has robbed him of a great portion of his sense of creativity, and that leaves him on the number ten spot. Truly the father of comedy!!!!!!

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