The10 Most Expensive State Cars in the World

If you thought that car shopping was fun, then just wait until you get a load of these official state vehicles from all around the world. The Kings, Queens, Presidents, and Sultans of the globe sure do know how to cruise in style! These are the 10 Most Expensive Presidential Cars in the World, and they will totally blow you away!

10. India – Mercedes-Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard $180,000

In India, Narendra Modi is riding around in the stunning Mercedes-Benz S600. This limousine is outfitted with fluffy plush seating and classic design, but with a contemporary twist. A separation divider allows Pranab to have privacy and partition his area of the limousine off from others. A leader has got to have some down time to himself, after all. Moreover, this car is super safe, with heavy armor and protection, the strength and durability to withstand a grenade and an AK 47, and of course, the typical GPS and satellite navigation. Forget about riding in a tuk-tuk or on an elephant!

9. Philippines – Mercedes-Benz W221 $250,547

Are you ready for the specs for the Mercedes-Benz W221, which is driven by the elite in the Philippines? Well, here we go! 17-inch original S-Class wheels from the iconic automotive brand; automatic transmission, and five-star engine performance. Presidents past and present-day have looked to Mercedes-Benz to help them get around the country and beyond. Only someone with a lot of power and a whole lot of money will ever get behind the wheel of this vehicle. The 4-door car is outfitted with Brake Assist Plus, power brake boost, collision sensors, Electronic Stability Program, and Night View Assist, among several other safety and luxury features. Airmatic DC air suspension and radar systems, as well as enough entertainment to make Hollywood jealous, round out the exciting stats.

8. Russia – Mercedes S-Class Limousine $251,417

Russian President Vladmir Putin does not play around when it comes to his car. His Mercedes S-Class Limousine is like the next generation of space-race competition, this time in the automotive market. Putin pulled out all the stops to get his own custom-designed limousine, and the results are absolutely astounding. First of all, the steering wheel features a double eagle in gold. There is the highest level of armored protection, high beltline, low roofline, plush leather interiors on the seats, steering wheel, and more. If you want to see the finest that Russian money can buy, here it is. The custom vehicle was part of Putin’s pet project which was put into place at the beginning of 2014.

7. Malaysia – Maybach 62 $394,000

Now let’s head back over to Asia and go see the Maybach 62 in Malaysia. After a hiatus, the Maybach is back and ready to roll. The executive royalty of Malaysia can kick back and relax in fully-reclining business-class seats and keep their booze cool is a wine chiller. Picnic tables, safety features, and the latest technology that money can buy round out this luxury vehicle. You can bet that not everyone is riding around in this beautiful beast, but if you have nearly $400,000, you could be one of them. It may have only been a couple of years since the recurrence of the Maybach, but it is a force to be reckoned with.

6. UK – Jaguar XJ Sentinel $455,025


Hop aboard the Jaguar XJ Sentinel, the official vehicle for the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom. The Prime Ministerial Car is custom armored and outfitted with a supercharged 5-liter V8 engine. While a lot of the details and cool features are under wraps, we do know that the body of the car is made of titanium, Kevlar, and steel plate, with polycarbonate windows that can withstand bullet shots. There is an oxygen supply in case of disaster, and the vehicle is also able to withstand tear gas. Inside, it is a techie’s dream: high-def televisions, night vision abilities, and sound systems for important conference calls on the go. A Prime Minister always needs to be prepared!

5. Thailand – Maybach 62 Limousine $500,000

King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand and his royal family only choose the best when it comes to their official vehicles. That is why they go around in the Maybach 62 Limousine. This powerhouse is a big bad boy, with a V12 engine and roomy interior. As far an entertainment is concerned, the vehicle includes a DVD and CD system, refrigerator and wine chiller, as well as a center console with all of the latest tech accoutrements. There is nothing ordinary about these limousines, and their high performance and luxury appearance is the best of both worlds. If you have a spare half a million dollars lying around, you should definitely check out the Maybach 62.

4. Vatican – Mercedes-Benz M-Class $524,990

You better believe that Pope Francis travels in style. The Vatican leader rides around in his Popemobile, waving to believers and kissing babies. The Pontiff continues to follow tradition with a Mercedes-Benz automobile, this one belonging to the M-Class. It seems a bit weird that Pope Francis, who insists on living a life of poverty, has a Popemobile worth over half a million dollars. But, we’ll let that slide. Anyway, the vehicle is custom-built, designed with a protective enclosure and barrier, and while normally ambles down the street at a snail’s pace, can break the speedometer at over 160 miles per hour.

3. China – Hongqi Limousine $801,624

The Hongqi Limousine is the most expensive car in China. Hongqi translates in English to “red flag,” which makes sense for a Communist country like China. Here are some specs on the Hongqi Limousine: and 8-speed transmission and four turbo-charged V8 engines with 530 pounds of torque and 381 horsepower. This baby will go from zero to one hundred kilometers in just over 8 seconds, and it can reach a maximum speed of 220 kilometers per hour. Thanks to its presence in China and its relationship to government leaders, the Hongqi fleet of vehicles has become a long sought-after luxury item in the Chinese market.

2. United States – Cadillac One $1,500,00


When the President of the United States of America wants to get around, he hops into the Cadillac One. This is the official state car, and is manufactured by General Motors. The United States has been using presidential vehicles for about 80 years, but this one is a beauty. The current model is a limousine-style Cadillac and is, of course, fully armored to protect the Commander in Chief, currently, President Barack Obama. Get this: the Cadillac One has a stash of blood in it to match the President’s blood type. There’s also an oxygen tank, just in case of emergency. And for those late-night, top-secret limousine cruises, the Cadillac One is equipped with night vision, too.

1. Queen of England – Bentley State Limousine $15,167,500

When the Queen of England wants to get around, you better believe that fashionable old lady does not settle for shabby chic. No, the leader of England rides around in a Bentley State Limousine. This baby is outfitted with everything a royal woman could need. Queen Elizabeth II can sit pretty in this vehicle, which was created as a 50th anniversary edition of the iconic automotive brand. Since the Queen is getting up there in age, the doors of the Bentley can swing open at a 90-degree angle, and a “panoramic glasshouse” means that she can get a nice easy view of her adoring fans and the common folk. Top-notch security features keep her safe and sound

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