Must Read: Men Reveals Top 10 Biggest Turnoffs About Women

1. Vulgarity/Bad Language

Vulgarity and use of bad language is a huge knockoff for men Imagine a guy sees a very pretty lady whom he expects to have a refined use of the English language and all of a sudden she acts vulgar–well you guess the guy’s reaction. Cursing comes across as very vulgar and abrupt to guys and swearing like a sailor doesn’t give them any inclination to see you again. Bad language is one of the turnoffs for men so avoid any bad words and focus on giving off a great impression with more feminity.


Women with determination and life goals are the types successful and ambitious men look out for. Your University cert. is not enough, he wants to hear about your goals and ambitions, not necessarily becoming a rocket scientist, he finds it attractive knowing you also have a success prone aim in life.


3. Rude Attitude

If you’re the rude type, just forget it about enjoying a long-term relationship with the man of your dreams. Give being kind and patient some effort – not just being kind to him, also to people around you.


It is said that a woman’s eyes mirror her beauty, so ladies take note of this. When your date is trying to get to know you by asking questions and showing an interest in your life, try to reply energetically so as to bring life and ignite some fun. Responding with short yes or no answers won’t enchant your date and will really turn him off, rather smile a lot and chip some interesting topics.


5. Flirting

Flirting is allowed but just channel it to your date only! Some girls get carried away and start flirting with the others more handsome just to prove a point or make their date jealous. Watch it ladies, you might lose him before you even had him.

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Nobody likes being controlled by someone. You might be a strong independent, and probably a successful company owner,  just don’t confuse being autonomous with wanting to be constantly in the driver’s seat. Being overly controlling is part of the huge turnoffs for men and can be an obstacle for good relationships.


7. Center of the Universe

Some people crave for attention beyond what they should get. Both sexes agree that as much as we all deserved to be heard, one must learn also give and not only take all the attention so as not to end up in the self-centered territory.


8. Vanity Fair

We hope there are few ladies like this, but constantly checking your hair, tone up your makeup and checking your reflection while out on a date with that man is a vanity fair. Therefore if you wish to keep him by your side for long, you gonna have to ditch the attitude.


9. The Drama Queen

For a drama queen, every situation is responded in a melodramatic way. If you’re in this category, you need not apply for long term relation. As men don’t appreciate women who constantly make a storm out of a glass of water. They find such girls highly complicated and upsetting. Especially when the drama tends towards acting rudely in public places or bearing grudges.


10. High Maintenance Chics

Don’t be deceived by celebrities and social media flashy looks, men have no time for high maintenance divas when it comes to dating. Just keep it simple while making yourself look pretty.




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