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Top 5 Nigerian University To Avoid

The decadence in the society as regards youths, and the drop in the standard of education, is one that should call for great attention. Nigeria’s academic crisis has gotten to such a height that we cannot boast anymore of the millions of graduates we churn out yearly from our tertiary institutions. The same can be […]

Top 7 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

A LIST of homicide rates shows the cities to avoid on your next holiday – if you value your life. Cities can be dangerous for all sorts of reasons, but one way of measuring them is by comparing rates of murder and crime. These are five of the most violent cities on on the planet, […]

The10 Most Expensive State Cars in the World

The10 Most Expensive State Cars in the World

If you thought that car shopping was fun, then just wait until you get a load of these official state vehicles from all around the world. The Kings, Queens, Presidents, and Sultans of the globe sure do know how to cruise in style! These are the 10 Most Expensive Presidential Cars in the World, and […]

Top 20 Longest Rivers In Africa

Africa continent combined of hot and pleasant places such as desert, rain forest and plains, the rivers here longer and acquires lots of drainage area since the continent large in size and thousands of tributaries joins to the rivers. Many countries in Africa naturally rich by depth of forest with variety of Animals including endangered. […]

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Africa – 2015

MUSIC is considered great medicine and food for the soul. The continent of Africa has tremendously grown over the years as has its music. The African music industry has produced some popular musicians who have received an accolade for blending the African songs with western pop music coupled with African dance to bring massive revolution. […]

Top Places To Advertise Online In Nigeria

No matter how good your business is, you still need to advertise it. Think of Coca Cola. Who doesn’t know Coca cola? And yet they still advertise. The benefits of advertising are so much. You need to advertise online in Nigeria if you want to improve your business sales or brand. It’s good to advertise, […]