6 Top secrets of Writing Jamb


6 helpful tips to get up to 300 in JAMB

Writing jamb might be a bit scary or difficult when certain things are not put in place. There are several things to do before writing jamb.

Below are top things to do in preparation of jamb

  1. VISION: This is the starting point of every successful thing you want to achieve. because every great accomplishment started with a great vision. What do you want to study in school?, how do i prepare for this jamb?, what will you like to score?, gather information about the school you want to study and finally  break down steps by steps how to  you want to achieve this.  Remember a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.
  2. REGISTRATION: After the first step the second thing is to registrationSince the news broke that scratch cards will not be used for registration in 2017, many students have been worried as to the likely problems that might be attached to generating pins on their own.It is important for candidates that they keep in touch and up to date on news in connection with the registration process, so as not to miss out on any update.
  3. DOWNLOAD THE PRACTICE SOFTWARE: Early preparation is key to doing very well in any area of life. The JAMB CBT  can never be an exception. you can start practicing now.
     Since it will be the first experience some students will have with any computer based assessment, downloading the JAMB CBT practice software is one very important step to take. it is easy and accessible online and could be downloaded via your mobile phone or computer
  4. USE THE SYLLABLES: It is in using the the right tool that you can arrive at the right answers that is why the issue of syllables cannot be over emphasizedEach year, JAMB releases a complete syllabus to help students.Once you determine your subject combination, based on your intended course of study, you should download the syllabus and use it to guide your reading. It is important that you ensure you finish the entire syllabus, every single topic listed there should be studied thoroughly. so that questions won’t look strange to you
  5. MANAGE YOUR TIME: During exams one of the things that affect us negatively is time management in the exams hall what i do is that i go in there with a working wrist watch and fast forward my time 20 mins ahead of the original time and when writing the exams i write it as if i am 20 mins late with that it helps me to write fast and remember that  it is possible to click on omit and come back later to answer especially difficult questions. Always keep your eye on the timers, to know how much time you have left.
  6. CROSSCHECK YOUR WORK: It is important to avoid overconfidence. Overconfidence kills, so even after you have answered, you should go through your answers again. Be careful when doing this because  a slip of the mouse can cause you to change answers. check all the work you have done all  before you click submit.

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